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Alaska State editable vector maps

Each file (ai, pdf) is constructed using multiple layers including county borders, county names, and a highly detailed state silhouette. Each file is fully customizable with the ability to change the color of individual counties to suit your needs.

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The U.S. state of Alaska is divided into 19 organized boroughs
Vector images of subdivisions US-AK-SUB 0.
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Alaska State free map
Alaska State free outline map. US-AK-free 1.
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Alaska JPG map. (non vector)  Date:1869.
Author: Colton, G.W. US-AK-old 1.
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Preview of Alaska borough (county) vector map.
Each county shape costum editable US-AK-mono 2.
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Preview of Alaska  borough (county) map, colored.
Political subdivion of Alaska state. US-AK-color 3.
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Preview of Alaska State zip codes.Vector map
5 digit editable zip code map of Alaska US-AK-zip 4.
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Preview of Alaska State vector road map.
Alaska State National and State Higways map US-AK-highway 5.
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Preview of Alaska State zip codes.Vector map
Alaska zip codes, USA postal code, zip+5, USPS code US-AK-zip2 6.
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Alaska zip code map and AK zip code Excel file
Vector zip code map of Alaska plus radius finder. US-AK-zip3 6.
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US-counties in Pacific region. 4 state county map
Calfornia, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii county map US-Pacific 6.
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Preview of Alaska relief vector map
Alaska state real vector elevation map US-AK-topo 7.

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The land of Alaska is equal to tbe combined area of the next three largest states. Texas, Montana, and California would make up that area if they were all one mass. This size makes it comparable to 2O% of the area of all other states combined. Alaska's tidal shoreline, includingislands, inlets, and the shoretine to the head of tidewater, is 47,300 miles. This makes its coastline longer than those of the other 49 statescombined.

Alaska's Alexander Archipelago has 1,10O islands. The legislators of lhis one state represent four different time zones, although most of the land is on Alaska Time, one hour west of Pacific Time. Alaska is the only one of the United States to ent€er the Eastern Hemisphere.Anchorage is considered the "air crossroads of the world," because its distance in air miles is about equal from Europe€, Asia, and the"Lower 48" states.

Alaska has some unusual atmospheric phenomena, The Northem Lights can be seen from August to April, conditions permitting. Early Alaska Natives believed this shimmering band of light was the home of their ancestors' souls. Early gold seekers thought it was the glint of the Mother Lode. The curtain effect of this, tbe Aurora Borealis, also has a crackling sound.


. Natural Wonders; 5,000 glaciers, 3,000 rivers, 3,000,000 lakes

. Glacier Bay National Park

. St Michael's Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Sitka

. Kenai Fjords National Park

. Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve

. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

. Katmai National Park and Preserve

. Denali National Park, Mt. McKinley (North Amcrica's highest peak)

. Hoonah, largest Tlingit Indian settlement in Alaska, Chichagof Island

. Totem poles of native peoples, Ketchikan

. Klondike Gold Rush Naíional Historical Park, Skagway

. Crow Creek Mine, gold panning, Anchorage

. Kennicott, mining town, national historic landmark

. Fort Yukon, Arctic Circle

. Dog Mushing Museum, Fairbanks

. Alaskaland, a frontier theme park, near Fairbanks

. Kotzebue, an Inupiat Eskimo village

. Anaktuvuk Pass, last remaining northem Inupiat Eskimo settlement

. Archeological sites, Gambell

. Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge

. 13 village corporations, one Indian resevation, for 1,352,000 acres of private and   tribal    land owned by Native Americans of the Aleut,Eskimo, Athapaskcan, Haida, Tlingit, and Tsimpshian peoples